Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

We specialise in providing flexible bookkeeping services for SME businesses. We can manage all your bookkeeping records at our office and work with you remotely.

Qualified, professional and experienced bookkeeping services.

Bookkeeping Services

You outsource the bookkeeping and we do it all for you. We use our software and resources to regularly build, maintain and report on your financial position in a timely fashion, making sure you meet deadlines. We manage all your bookkeeping then produce your Accounts and pass them back to you for discussion, allowing you a hassle-free way of keeping on top of your bookkeeping. You can send us your records via dropbox, email or post and we work on them either on Sage or Xero.

Our Services include:

  • Sales and purchase invoices coded and processed
  • All payments posted via the purchase Ledger, nominal Ledger and bank
  • Managing payments to suppliers
  • Aged creditors report produced and reconciled against suppliers statements
  • All bankings are posted to the bank account and corresponding ledgers
  • Aged debtors report produced and discussed with you for debt chasing
  • Bank accounts’ reconciliations
  • Petty cash expenses entered and reconciled to cash withdrawals
  • Credit card payments entered and credit card account reconciled
  • Personal expenses processed and Director’s loan account reviewed
  • Linking your bank account(s) to our software so bank statements are fed directly to it
  • Wages records summarised and reconciled to payments made
  • VAT transactions reconciled to payments or repayments to/from HMRC
  • Preparation of year end prepayments and accruals
  • Completion of the year end accounts for submission to Companies House and HMRC

Financial Statements

We realise you may not understand Accounts and their technicalities. You often just need guidance in the simplest terms possible. We explain your Accounts carefully and in such detail for you to properly understand what you see. We are ‘on-call’ for our clients – if you have any problems or queries, please feel free to call us. No extra charge or hidden fees – we really don’t leave any of our clients to struggle through their Accounts, it’s all part of the service.

We carefully monitor deadlines and inform clients in good time that their company’s accounts need preparing and by which date they need to be filed.

We advise clients to send us their bookkeeping no later than 6 months after the year end date has passed (the sooner the better) so that we can start preparing the accounts.

This allows plenty of time to review draft annual accounts, avoid late filing penalties and improves credit scoring. Credit score agencies rate companies favourably when annual accounts are filed sooner rather than later, especially for new companies.

As penalties for non-compliance could be harsh on the taxpayer, we work closely with our clients to ensure they meet their filing obligations.

The deadline for paying your Corporation Tax is sooner than filing your Corporation Tax Return: Companies are obliged to pay Corporation Tax no later than nine months and one day after the end of their accounting period. The deadline for filing your Corporation Tax Return is twelve months after the end of the financial year.

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